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B2B Email Marketing For Printers

September 18, 2017

Every person who receives your email will ask themselves two questions before they decide whether to open and read the message: Who sent me this, and what is it about?

 Here are some ways to get higher readership and response:

  • Be forthright about your call to action. State what you want the email reader to do, and make sure your instructions are crystal clear. Remember that the burden of understandable communication is on you, not the recipient.
  • Use a strong subject line. State a benefit. Arouse curiosity. Provoke. Hint at something great. Offer to solve a problem.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Email has a short shelf life, sort of like the billboard you drive past on the highway. You read it and make a quick decision: should I move on to the next email, or consider this offer? Once you move on, there is little chance you will come back and respond.
  • Pace yourself and don’t ask for a major commitment too early in the relationship. For example, do not request a lot of data from the prospect if you only need their name and email address to start the communication process. Every bit of extra information you ask for will increase your abandonment rate.
  • Many of your email recipients will have their preview panes enabled, so make sure the most enticing part of your copy shows up in the first paragraph.
  • Instead of requiring the reader to click through to a separate form, include the response mechanism right in the email. If possible, pre-enter the person’s name and email address. This one-click response capability will produce a higher response rate.
  • Some marketers claim that they get more response by sending their emails on Sundays but our company has found the best day to be Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Avoid using formatting like all capital letters, excessive exclamation points, or other symbols that make your email look like spam.