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Direct Mailing Tips For Your Printing And Sign Business

September 18, 2017

  1. Practice repetition. Campaigns that include multiple mailings usually work better than single mailing programs.


  1. Fish when the fish are biting. January, February, and October tend to produce the best direct mail response rates. The worst months to mail are May, June, and July (probably due to vacation schedules).


  1. Always test your campaign on smaller quantities before attacking the entire prospect universe.


  1. Make sure you thoroughly understand the characteristics of your target audience and what motivates them to take action.


  1. Never undertake a direct mail program without specific and measurable objectives.


  1. Spend a lot of time developing a unique and compelling offer. The only thing more important than the offer is your choice of mailing lists.


  1. Make sure your direct mail reinforces the rest of your marketing activities.


  1. Work with direct mail experts. Most general ad agencies know little about direct mail, and much of what they think they know is wrong or out of date.