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How To Create Targeted Email Lists For Printing And Sign Businesses

September 18, 2017

Make a list of all your clients and then get their email addresses. Come up with a list of such addresses and start sending them details about your new products, coupons, special offers and discounts, tutorials, etc, etc. the advantage of this method of advertising is that you get to interact directly with your customers, but beware!


Lots of sellers tend to misuse this and put the customers off. Nobody really wants to receive a whole lot of unsolicited email that ends up in their spam or junk box in the end.


Go in for opt-in mailing lists; allow your customers to sign up for newsletters and other information instead of thrusting it down their throats. This way, you can be sure that those subscribing to the regular emails are customers who are genuinely interested in receiving them and you have brand loyalty.


Also remember, the newsletters must be informative and a little bit creative to keep their attention; you don’t want them getting bored and unsubscribing!


And the most important detail – at the end of the email, make sure to specify instructions on how the customer can remove themselves from the email list. This gives them a sense of control and power that can act to your advantage.


Here are a few ways to find the emails of your customers:


  1. Does your customer have a business website? If it does, most likely it will have the email in the “Contact Us” page. If not, you can use a tool called This little hack can help you find any emails that are floating around the web associated with this website.
  2. Does your customer have a LinkedIn business profile? Most people who have a LinkedIn account will have an email address they use to sign up. You can use this website called This allows you to directly find their LinkedIn business address in your web browser
  3. Is their business on or or Yellow Pages? See if there is an email associated with that business.
  4. Still can’t find an email? Well now the only way is to call them up and initiate a conversation about your business and product offerings. If they are interested you can say “is there a way I can send you more information of what we talked about via email?”


Hope this will help you build a comprehensive target list of customers who you can reach out to with informative and engaging content. Remember, email marketing is not about selling, but keeping your business at the front of their mind so when they need your business product or service, the first one they will call is you.