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How To Get Your Printing / Sign Business On Google Places

September 18, 2017

This is Google’s answer to business directories and even if your business hasn’t made any money, you still want to be on Google Places. Some businesses simply don’t have the time or the resources to build up a good presence on the internet and yet they still deserve a way for people to find them. Google’s main goal in life is to ensure that people can be found and we do look on the net to find businesses.


There is one rule to being on Google Places and that is you can only have an account if you make physical contact with your customers. So, if you only have an online business and you never meet your customers in person, you can’t be on Google Places.


What is Google Places?


Google Places is nothing more than an account that a business can sign up for, free of charge. When you apply, you will need to fill out a form with your business information, including description and contact info. When a person searches Google for a geographical location, Google shows results on a map that match the search query.


Disadvantages of Google Places


There is a disadvantage to using Google Places that you must be fully aware of – spam and lots of it. Spammers across the world have very quickly learned the true power of Google Places and that they can exploit it to bring in a ton of traffic from everywhere.


They do this by making up false addresses across a specific geographic territory, ensuring that they get multiple results when someone searches in their area. Google has done its best to make things difficult for the spammers though so it’s best to play by their rules and don’t try to pull the wool over their eye – it probably won’t work.


How to get on Google Places


Sign into your Google account – if you haven’t got one, set one up – it’s free. Then go to Fill out all the details requested and double check to make sure that everything is correct. If needs be, you can copy and paste the information from your own website if you have one just to make sure.


Important Details to be Aware of


While Google is a fantastic place for printing businesses, you do need to be very careful and be mindful of their rules. Follow these tips and you won’t go far wrong:


  • Use your real business name – that might sound obvious but some users try to put pertinent keywords into the name field and that will just result in you being banned


  • Never use a virtual address or a P.O. Box for your business address


  • Only open one Google Places account for your business


If you do not actually see people face to face at your address, instead going to their place of business or home, under the “Service Areas and Location Settings” section on your account dashboard, you must tick “Yes, this business serves customers at their locations” and then choose “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing”.


You must follow these instructions because it will determine whether or not your business show up. Also take the time out to read through the guidelines that Google has laid out on Google Places, just to make sure you are not about to do something that could get you banned.




This is the most important part. When you begin filling out your details, do not put in any old category. You must first make a list of the three categories that are most important to your business and then put that list in order of priority. Now put the number one category on your list into the category field.


This may not auto-complete as some fields do so do take the time out to find the category that describes your business the best. It is absolutely vital that you get this step right, as it is the determining factor in which customers that will be sent to you via Google.


Finally, Google wants to know if you drive to multiple locations to deliver goods or see customers. They need to know if your business can be conducted on wheels because a check in this box tells them that you are complying with their guidelines.


You will come to a step in the process that requires you to verify your business. The easiest way is by phone but do not do this. Do it by postcard as this tells Google that your business really is a real one and it is at the location that you told them. It is important that Google gets this right and, although the mail verification option takes a little longer, it is the best way.


How to get More Traffic from Google Places


Lastly, you want to optimize Google places so that traffic comes flooding in. The more traffic you get, the higher the chance you have to convert to paying customers.


  • Take plenty of time to fill out your application and make sure it is correct


  • Add some photos of your business and video if you have it


  • Make sure your descriptions are lengthy and accurate without waffling


  • Encourage customers to write review of your business and leave you some feedback


  • Integrate your account with Google+


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