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How To Use LinkedIn Effectively For Printing / Sign Marketing

September 18, 2017

  1. Get started by posting your complete profile, including education and past positions. This allows more people to find you with requests to be connected. I have over 1700 connections and add one or more almost every week. Some LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONs) have tens of thousands of connections. You can choose to be more inclusive and allow anyone to connect to you, or be more exclusive, and only allow true colleagues and friends.


  1. Join at least six groups that are relevant to your profession, industry, and personal interests. LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups but it is better to join and participate in fewer groups where you can make your presence known.


  1. Create your own group. It is fairly easy to start and manage LinkedIn groups, and this can get you a great deal of attention with a highly targeted audience.


  1. Each group has its own discussion forum. Start answering other people’s questions and post your own. This is a good way to get to know group members and you might even learn something in the process. If you provide relevant answers over time, you can be awarded with LinkedIn “expert” status.


  1. Use the recommendation and endorse features. Recommending and/or endorsing others gains you exposure on their profile page. Likewise, you can ask others to recommend or endorse you. Do not neglect this because employers and prospects often review a potential candidate’s or vendor’s profile and recommendations before making contact.


  1. Update people on what is going on in your business. This only takes a few seconds and keeps you top of mind in your network.


  1. Increase your visibility by making your profile public. This allows search engines to index your page.


  1. Fill out your company profile and provide links to your blog and company website. It is also okay to post offers on your company profile.


  1. Make use of your contacts. Find ways to keep in touch. Ask for referrals and do whatever else it takes to prevent these relationships from going stale.