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How To Write Your Ad Copy The Correct Way

September 18, 2017

Consider the copy from the following two ads:


Hardware Store #1:


Hammers, screwdrivers, power tools, home fix-up, lawn and garden equipment. Paulson’s has the hardware you’re looking neighborhood-friendly prices!


Hardware Store #2:


Handyman Jack’s is no ordinary hardware store. We’re a Hardware Super Store! We carry 343 kinds of fasteners, 28 types of nails, 86 gauges of wire, 43 grit sizes of sandpaper, 16 different styles of hammers, 28 kinds of screwdrivers, 47 types of keys, a daily inventory of 354,000 bolts and screws, all the top-name power tools for less, and a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.




If you needed hardware and you knew nothing about either of these stores except what you saw in the ad, and both stores were about the same distance from your home...where would you go? The answer is obvious: Handyman Jack’s.


Even if every other hardware store in the city carries the same exact merchandise, no one else says it. Remember: It’s not important that people need to know all that information. I mean, who really cares how many nails and bolts you have, as long as you have what they want.


But the psychology behind it—the Length-Implies-Strength heuristic—makes it tremendously potent. Because hardly any other store says these things, people judge the one who does say it to be better, more complete, more successful in some way. Don’t you want to convey that?