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Testimonials Are Invaluable To Your Business

September 18, 2017

Customer testimonials are absolutely essential for every business in every industry. They attract new customers because people will believe other people who have independently used your business and been satisfied opposed to what the business staff say. When your customers give you positive feedback, ask if they can put it in writing for you. It is the perfect opportunity to capture the way they are feeling, why they are happy, and what they are satisfied with which will be specific and personal and will allow other people to relate to them. Testimonials are emotional and put experience, feeling, and heart into your product and service and remove the risk and uncertainty of the purchase.


Make a testimonial book by getting a folder or book and collect positive stories from customers and put them into the book. Try and have a variety from long to short stories and use before and after photos where applicable or photos of your customers to show authenticity.


Prospects waiting in your foyer can then be given the testimonial book to read through, while they are waiting for you to attend to them. It’s a great way to start off a sales presentation with your prospect having just read a number of success stories or positive experiences from your past customers.


Use short testimonials to put on your website, marketing pieces, and brochures. Keeping your testimonials short and to the point will be easy to read and validate your business to new prospects.


Video testimonials can be even more powerful than a quote. Put your customer testimonial videos on your website and Youtube. Show it off to your potential customers in any way.