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Using Radio As A Form Of Advertising For Sign and Printing Businesses

September 18, 2017

Radio can be used locally or on a larger scale to promote your business. If you have a wider audience, it can be an effective form of marketing. You can create a radio ad or have a segment where the radio announcer might endorse your product or read out a script that was previously prepared.


Find out what the demographics of the radio station is, how old the listeners are, what interests they have, what music they like, and what income they make and see if there is a match with the target market of your business. Each radio station will vary widely with different listeners as they offer different segments, styles, ages of presenters, music, and information.


Once you have chosen the station that has the most appropriate target market (business owners), organize your ads to play during the peak time when your target market will be listening to maximize your airtime and investment such as business operating hours. Ads can be anywhere from a few seconds sponsoring a segment such as the weather or traffic update, to a thirty sixty second commercial.


The content of the ad must be upbeat, to the point, asks questions to draw the listener in and then provides them with a brief solution in the call to action. If you are an expert and have something to offer your community, approach the radio station with a segment you would like to run.


They may run your segment for free as it gives something to the community and will encourage people to listen in. You get free airtime and the opportunity to build yourself and your business as an expert, attracting people to come and see what you do and to try you.