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Using Video For Printing / Sign Business Marketing

September 18, 2017

The goal is not to drive people to YouTube; it is to find people on YouTube and drive them to your website. To that end, make sure the first thing in the YouTube video description is a URL pointing back to your website.

When you upload your video to YouTube, you will be asked for a title, description, tags, and to pick a category. All of these have important SEO implications, so take some time to select good entries.


Here are some tips for optimizing your YouTube presence:

  • Brand your YouTube channel with look and feel customization. Two examples of acclaimed B2B YouTube channels are KodakB2B and Cisco.
  • Pick a good thumbnail. YouTube gives you a choice of the first frame, a frame in the middle, and a last frame. If you can make the first or last frame high impact, you’re set. If none of those work, search for “How to set video thumbnails in YouTube” to find out how to make the best use of the system.
  • Annotate your video. YouTube annotation provides a lot of flexibility. For example, you can link an annotation to another video or channel on YouTube or a YouTube query. If your video is an interview and a product is mentioned, you can put up the product’s name and link it to a search for other videos on the product.
  • Use captions and transcripts. Captions are really helpful for non-English speakers; they work the same as closed caption on TV. If you have a transcript of the video, upload it to YouTube. This will further help the SEO of your video. It is also helpful for viewers who read English better than they understand it verbally.
  • Participate in the YouTube community, similar to blogging (see Rule 10, “Blog Regularly”), respond to comments and ask for feedback. If you get a good question, create a video to answer it.
  • Make sure you allow syndication. Your goal is to get the word out, so unless there is some special reason, perhaps licensed content or someone on the video who doesn’t allow syndication, click “yes.”
  • Finally, market your YouTube channel via other social media channels to get more subscribers. List your YouTube channel on slide decks and wherever you can. The more subscribers you have the more initial exposure you may get, and that may lead to more sharing.