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Customer Prospect Mailing Lists For Printing And Sign Businesses

September 18, 2017

Customer Prospect Mailing Lists:

While many people know how to define their best prospects, they may not understand how to properly evaluate lists. Following are eight characteristics you should look for in a mailing list:


  1. The list should contain individuals who match the profile of your existing customers.


  1. The contacts should be available in sufficient quantities for you to accomplish your marketing objectives.


  1. It should contain fresh names (including many who have purchased or responded in the past six months).


  1. The list should be clean and well-maintained and have only a small percentage of undeliverable addresses, guaranteed by the list owner.


  1. It should allow for segmentation through selection options.


  1. The list should be available for testing in small quantities. Most list owners require a minimum rental of 5,000 names, which is a good testing quantity.


  1. The list has been used successfully for similar offers.


  1. The rental price should be reasonable. Although novice marketers pay a great deal of attention to price, it is probably the least important factor. Differences in the response rates of direct mail lists are so great (particularly in business to business marketing) that a cost differential of ten, twenty, or even thirty dollars per thousand names is not likely to make or break a program.