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How Printers Are Using Telemarketing To Get More Customers

September 18, 2017

Telemarketing is a prospecting activity, inviting the person to come down to your business to have a look at the products you sell or asking them to purchase over the phone. You can offer the prospect a special offer on price, a bonus add-on, or a trial offer to test out your product. Telemarketing is a prospecting method that can get you instant appointments for today and tomorrow and can turn into instant sales.

Instead of waiting, hoping people will come in and buy off you, you are being proactive and calling people talking to them about what you do and inviting them to come down and see what you offer. There are a number of recommendations and regulations made by governments regarding telemarketing and the hours you can call, so obtain the information you need before calling.

Building a database is critical for all businesses. Gaining a list of names and numbers of your current clients, ex-clients, and potential customers allows you to communicate with them on various levels, including promotions, newsletters, education, and fun activities.

Databases can be built on specialist industry software or a basic excel spread sheet. Obtain a range of information about your leads, including name, address, phone number, email address, and their specific needs for your product.

A few resources you can use include:





Chamber Of Commerce

Local Library

Business Directories

Yellow Pages

Local Newspaper Ads


All of these sources will have the contact information of potential customers who will need your services. Before calling, most people like to use a script. This will include who you are, why you are calling and what solutions you are offering.

Here is a sample script that works:

 “Hi Pat, this Sandra Smythe from ABC Printing. We help businesses such as yourself increase sales through the printing and distribution of direct mail promotional brochures.

Pat, I’m not sure if my services would be of benefit to your business but I’ve worked with other retailers in your industry helping them increase their customers and ultimately their sales.

If I’ve caught you at good time, I’d like to ask you a few quick questions to get a better feel for your situation and determine if it might be worth our while to chat further.

Let me ask….”


Telemarketing is a proven method of increasing your customers. Pick up the phone and dial today!