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How To Get “Enough” Favorable Reviews In Google Maps

September 18, 2017

Why are reviews important for your business and where should they go? Reviews are extremely important today. I’ve seen many studies that say the majority of searchers read and depend on them to make their decision and to judge which business they should call.


Imagine you are a business owner and you’re looking for a commercial printer to print the next set of catalogs. You Google “catalog printing in San Francisco” or you use Yelp, and see that one printer has 50 reviews that are all four stars, but another one has 450 reviews that are all four stars. Which one would you go to? You’d go to the one with 450 reviews. Why? Because you think in your mind “that many people can’t be wrong.”


Thankfully, in the printing industry, very few reviews are needed, and most businesses have zero reviews, so if you have five or more, that’s all you need to stand out. In other industries, the baseline may be 100-plus reviews, so you may need 300 or more.


Either way, reviews are critical, and you need to have them in more than one place to be most effective, such as Google Maps, Yelp, Thumbtack, Judy’s Book, or other websites. One benefit of Google Maps is that once you get at least five reviews, gold stars appear in your listing, which helps draw the searcher’s eye and gets you more business.


Other local review sites are Thumbtack, Judy’s Book, etc. You have to know which local sites are used most often by people in your industry and then you must obtain good reviews on all of them. You also need 10-plus reviews on your website itself.


The more reviews you have, the more often you’ll win the battle for a customer’s wallet. If you notice the various websites in your industry and you see sites with tons of testimonials/reviews, you’ll literally feel yourself being compelled to buy, especially if you read 10 or more reviews. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to people I know, and I know it has happened to you too. You might not have thought about it, but those reviews have power.


Next time when your customer receives their orders, ask them for their honest opinion. If they give you a satisfied answer, as them for a small favor and leave you a positive review on Google. This small trick will do wonders for attracting new customers.