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How To Use PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns To Grow Your Business?

September 18, 2017

Here are some more tips to help get your PPC efforts off to a good start:


Start slowly – Just as you wouldn’t dump a lot of money into the stock market without doing your homework, don’t make the mistake of spending your entire budget before you understand what you are doing. Sometimes, you can learn a great deal by spending just a few hundred dollars.


Test everything – PPC is like a high-performance sports car. You must constantly tune the program to get the best results and that means lots of testing. Test keywords, ads, landing pages, headlines, and offers.


Include your keywords (search terms) in your ad copy – Google will reward you with a better quality score and you will often get a better page position at lower cost.


Target carefully – Create personas of your potential prospects and create keywords, ads, and landing pages for these specific individuals.


Do not go for the top page position – Your best value for the cost vs. page position is three to five spots from the top of the page.


Take your prospects to a landing page that contains an offer, not to the home page of your website. You need to capture their information so that you can begin your follow-up and remarketing efforts.


Use PPC to test the search terms, ad copy, and offers. You can do this very quickly and use what you learn to adjust your website copy and search engine optimization strategy.


There are four primary measurements you should use to track the performance of your pay per click campaigns:


  1. Click through rate (CTR): the number of people who click on your ad divided by the total number of impressions. Many companies settle for about ½ percent, but you should aim for one to two percent.


  1. Cost per click (CPC): how much it costs you to get someone to click on your ad. This is highly dependent on the type of product or service you are selling and the competition for the specific keywords you are targeting.


  1. Conversion rate: how many people fill out your web form after going to your landing page? Conversion rates range from two to three percent to as much as ten percent. My company has had great success with PPC programs that deliver five to seven percent conversions, but depending on the economics of your business, a two to three percent conversion rate could work for you.


  1. Cost per conversion: how much it costs you to get someone to fill out your web form. All of the other metrics influence this one. CPC amounts can range from a few dollars to a hundred dollars or more depending on the competition and selling price of the keyword.