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Popular Content Marketing Strategies For Printers and Sign Companies

September 18, 2017

It is a relatively low-cost solution that will bring good results in a long-term perspective. With this method you will definitely need a lot of patience.

To make it effective - define from the beginning what your potential customers want to read about and how they would like to receive updates from you. Topics and channels you will choose for content marketing should be purely based on your prospects' preferences.


The most popular content marketing techniques are:

  • Blogging: in a nutshell it's posting quality educational content that is interesting for your current and potential clients, answering the questions that drill them.
  • Online communities: you can post your content/answer questions on Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium and so on with corresponding links to your website, references to your product/service. Not only your presence there will bring leads for your business, but also will help you understand your potential customers better.
  • Videos: same as with written content you can solve your prospects' problems with the help of video tutorials, lessons, courses, webinars and so on. Video content is becoming more and more popular. YouTube is the 2nd world's largest search engine. Time to make use of that for your business.



This is very important for marketing, as people looking for solutions will seek expert advice before making purchase decisions. If you or your company appear frequently in search results, people will be steered towards your products or services, even if you do not explicitly discuss them. In fact, if you want to build your credibility as an industry expert, as opposed to a company spokesperson, you are better off not directly promoting your company’s wares.


There are several common characteristics of thought leaders. You must be:

  • An expert in your chosen field
  • Prolific in creating new content that demonstrates your expertise
  • Visible (and enjoy the spotlight)
  • Sought out by others for your opinions
  • Passionate about what you are discussing (if not, who will follow you?)