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[Video] Internet Lead Response Mistakes

The Mistakes:
1. Slow response time: 900% increase in contact rates when you can reach out to a customer in five minutes versus ten minutes
2. No defined Follow Up Process: What do you do in the first 24 hours of getting a lead, every hour, that would have variety and that wouldn’t annoy people. Create a follow up process for the 1st 24 hours to the first 12 months
3. Gives your team predictability: Create a sales process to create predictability, make your salespeople feel good about the lead and it makes certain the number of times they will need to follow up
4. Gives you consistency: Do you have that autoresponder that follows up immediately with an internet lead within the first minute? It should send you a notice and you should text them immediately
5. Process allows you to scale: Process allows you to find what works, what doesn’t and allows you to scale
6. Assuming your leads has not done their homework: Search out your lead's company. Look at who they are, what they want.
7. Not giving the info requested: Not addressing their questions, and then not providing the right data. When price is discussed, talk about offers and terms also.
8. Forget they still need to be sold: Have to sell your business when in contact. This involves: Speed, information, Variety Information, Follow-up, Build Trust, Demonstrate transparency, Provide lots of information
9. Assuming the lead is the decision maker: Are you talking to the right people? Who are the decision makers?
10. Relying on one form of communication: Using as many forms of communication as you can. Eg. Texting during a sales call can increase closing ratios by 328%
11. Giving Up Too Soon: 90% chance of finally making contact after 6 calls. The average contact takes 8 calls just to get in contact. with the lead after they've showed interest. Average company makes two calls only to follow up a company lead
12. Not qualified: 68-70% of everyone that hits your website is on a product that they will not purchase. 79% of all leads never, ever convert into the product sale. Qualify and offer choices
13. Gatekeepers: Use Skype and GoToMeeting with them. 
14. No research on lead: Find more information on who you are dealing with so you can know how to sell to them and engage them personally