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[Video] Prospecting Tips For Printing & Sign Companies

Prospecting Tips: 
1. Attitude: Your goal is to get out of obscurity with your client. Its not about selling, its about them knowing you exist. You have to be on the front of their mind
2. Activity Level: What is your prospecting level Zero, Retreat, Average or Massive? You must take massive action in order to win. 10 business letters, emails, facebook and personal visits every day
3. Expectations: Set expectations to align with your actions so you wont be dissapointed. 
4. Commit To Daily Prospecting: The only way your business is going to be successful is getting yourself or someone in your business to prospect for customers every single day. 
5. Time Management: Pick the most important tasks first. Cram all less important tasks into a small timeframe so you can get the most time out of prospecting
6. Creative Variety: Thank you for buying message, service calls, personal visits, special holiday message, conception days, make your own days, phone follow up, lunch call, limited availability message, articles, strategy, free services